2016 - 4th Annual

2016 Vendor Placement / Street Map
Please note:  this map and your placement is subject to change at Festival Management's discretion.

To locate your space, open the link below then RIGHT CLICK your mouse to bring up the "find" window, type in the name of your business/company and hit ENTER.  In some cases your business name may have been abbreviated, so consider just typing the first 5-6 letters.  Once you locate your name in the alphabetical list, look for your "hundred" block and assigned letter, then hit ENTER again and you should jump to your page on the map.

Most blocks of the Festival go by a "hundred" number.  Once you locate you block, your space corresponds to your assigned letter within that block.  PLEASE BE CERTAIN YOU ARE ON THE CORRECT BLOCK WHEN YOU SET UP OR YOU WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE (even after you are set up).   You can look for store addresses to help.  226 South Street is 200 block / 533 South Street is 500 Block and so on.

- 300 Block is between 3rd & 4th streets on South Street
- 500 Block is between 5th & 6th streets on South Street, and so on
- 2SP = 2nd Street Plaza on 2nd Street between Lombard and South streets (site of the 2nd Street Stage)



Easy 2-step Guide for SSHD Retail & Service Vendors, Local Small Businesses, Crafters/Artisans and Non-profits

1:  Complete the Space Rental Application (below)
2:  Return Tents & Equipment Order Form (below) to order tents & tables

       That's it -- it's as easy as that!
       All other forms & licenses below only pertain to food & beverage businesses.


DEADLINE APRIL 15 (pending space available)
#1 Space Rental Application
       Return Form to South Street Headhouse District

       South Street Businesses / Local Small Businesses / Artists & Crafters / Non-Profits

#2 Tents & Equipment (tables / grills / handwashing / etc.)              
       Return Form (and check**) to Specialty Productions
       **Check Payable to South Street Headhouse District

RENTAL ITEMS LINK  (items in BLUE are the most common ordered items)
This is an Excel document that will calculate your costs when you add to the "quantity" column.


RED TAB for simple tents, tables and chairs
YELLOW TAB for tents, tables, chairs and necessary equipment for Food & Beverage vendors
IMAGE TAB for select photos of equipment - more images here: IMAGES

PDFs of Rental Forms:  
     General Vendor Rentals CLICK HERE
     F&B Vendor Rentals CLICK HERE



"How To" Guide for Food & Beverage Vending - step by step: HOW-TO GUIDE

#1 Complete Space Rental Application (above)

#2 Complete Tents & Equipment form (above)

#3 Health Department Clearance for outdoor food handling           
Instructions for Completing the Permit Application
Special Event Permit Application - Health Department                             
- Remember you need a money order, not company check, in the amount of $48 payable to Phila Health Dept. - EHS

       Return Form to Specialty Productions with all fees.

(after March 11)
- Filing fee is $65 (money order payable to Phila. Health Dept - EHS)
- Mail your form directly to Health Department (address on top of form)
AND send a copy to Specialty Productions by fax: 215-625-7981 or scanned email: mark@specialty-usa.com.

#4 PA Liquor Control Board (PLCB) - Extension of Premises for South Street Licensed Establishment
       Return Forms and Street Closure Permit to PLCB

PLCB Form 49 - Extension of Premises                                                  
  -- AND --
PLCB Form 193 - Affidavit of Compliance
  -- AND --
Include copy of Street Closure Permits with Application

NOTE: You only need to submit the permit that shows the block where your booth will be

Off-Site Catering for Licensed Establishments NOT ON South Street    
Please call Mark Beyerle to discuss the process of applying for off-premise catering permits.

#5 L & I - Return Form to L&I in-person
       Temporary Food Licence (for outdoor vending)                                 
       Check off the first section "Food Establishment (Retail, Non-Perm.)          
       (after receiving Eligibility Certification from Health Dept.)

For further assistance, Contact Mark Beyerle at
mark@specialty-usa.com or 215-625-7980
Specialty Productions
518 S. 7th Street  (corner of 7th & Rodman)
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Corporate Vending Opportunities (Regional and National Brand Businesses)
Corporate Vending Information

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship Information

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